ready made PLC
for 500 €
Private commercial association - private limited company - PLC in the sphere of small business with the number of shareholders from 1 to 10, with the number of members of the board from one to three. The company name is any with the use of the Latin alphabet, numbers, signs. Avoid geographical names, the repetition of already known brands in the Register of Estonian Enterprises. The founders / beneficiaries and members of the management board can be residents and non-residents, non-residents need to invite and register in the Charter a secretary contact person.

Incorporation documents preparation

Registration documents In Estonian are prepared by our lawyers based on the data provided by the beneficiary:
  • the name of the company Firma OÜ (you may write OU)
  • legal address-provided by the Registrar of Estonian companies
  • share capital - minimum for LLC 2500 €
  • how will be paid immediately, installments, registration without payment of capital
  • one main activity according to MTAK
  • the list of beneficial owners with percentage distribution share of 2500 €
  • the list of members of the Board, indicating the delegated rights
  • copy of the passports of the beneficiars - founders (1-10 persons), members of the Board (1-3 persons)
  • postal beneficiary, founders, members of the Board residence addresses
  • phone number of founders, members of the Board
  • e - mail of founders, members of the Board
  • beneficiary's marital status

Step by Step

Signing of registration documents with a notary
Payment of state registration fee in the bank
Receipt of extracts, articles of association, other documents from the Register
Notary translation of extracts, articles of association, other documents
Apostillization of documents for each country
Maintenance when opening a multi-currency bank account
Maintenance during registration at the Tax and Customs Board
Providing the legal address required for registration, secretary services in Estonia
Accounting services

Signing of registration documents at the notary office: Takes place on the appointed day and hour, the beneficiary/founder/founders, members of the Board of the company have to be there in time. The notary orally translates from Estonian to English language all the documents are signed, assures them, sends to the digital form to the Register of enterprises of Estonia for approval.

The notary may ask the Following questions, which must be answered orally and in writing:
  • For what purpose does the company open in Estonia? Answer: The Intention to open and expand business in the European Union, using the preference in the form of zero taxation of corporate profits of companies. In a few words to describe the planned activity.
  • How is an Estonian company established? Answer: Personal funds.
  • Planned business partners in Estonia, in the European Union? Answer: The Names and addresses, websites of companies that are desirable to contact in advance by phone, email, Skype, even better-to sign protocols of intent to cooperate, which will also be useful in the Bank when opening an account, in Tax-Customs Department when registering and applying for assignment of VAT number and obtaining certificate of residence of EORI company.
    If not, we will provide real Estonian companies.
  • Who is the real beneficiary of the company? Answer: You personally.
  • Do you have family ties with the heads of state bodies in your country? Answer: No
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