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Private commercial association - private limited company - PLC in the sphere of small business with the number of shareholders from 1 to 10, with the number of members of the board from one to three. The company name is any with the use of the Latin alphabet, numbers, signs. Avoid geographical names, the repetition of already known brands in the Register of Estonian Enterprises. The founders / beneficiaries and members of the management board can be residents and non-residents, non-residents need to invite and register in the Charter a secretary contact person.

Estonian company service

Remote registration of an Estonian company  - it is made on the basis of the power of attorney of the beneficiary (principal) issued to the authorized person. Authorization for the opening of the company issued for a specified period and shall be certified by a notary at the place of residence or stay of the client.
   The power of Attorney does not authorize the opening of Bank accounts, they are presented only to the notary and sent to the Register of enterprises of Estonia.

Opening an account with Estonian banks   it is made after the Registration number is assigned by the Estonian register of enterprises (takes 3 days after submission of documents in the notary office), which is communicated by e-mail to the founder and Secretary.
The application for opening an account in Estonian banks is considered within 5-10 days, and after a positive decision, a Bank card is issued, which only a member of the Board has the right to sign, he also receives an electronic calculator of Internet banking codes.
The choice of the Bank is the prerogative of the founders and Board members.
Opening an account by proxy is not possible.
Banks may refuse to open an account by companies with e-resident/s participation.

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We collect information about companies registered in Estonia for you
The printout of valid registry card information
Valid general information
The history of general information
The printout of the history of registry card information
Valid general and personnel information
The history of general and personnel information
Annual reports
Articles of association
Documents in the business file

Service fee: 10 € per document. Payment in advance to Estoest account or via PayPal

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